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  Database Value

Your business’ most valuable asset is your data.

Does your database reside on a server that belongs to your company or is it stored on a 3rd parties server where you get invoiced every time you need to access your own data?

If so, please have look at our software, if not, considered the position you would be in should your data to be corrupted or lost. We have developed a comprehensive software package for the debt recovery market. The database used by the software resides on your server. In an effort to keep costs down we have a number of database options available. The database types used are Microsoft Access for small businesses or MSSQL or MySQL for medium to large companies.

In most large debt recovery companies the software used is developed by the company and is not for sale to others. This is why they have a competitive edge over other collection software package who opt for ‘centralized data storage’. Some companies offer their software as part of a franchise or associated branch. These are usually expensive and have substantial royalties associated with the agreement.

Current advanced features:

  • Online client reporting
  • Remote access for management and/or home based agents
  • Multiple database types to choose from
  • Act as an Attorney or Debt Collector or BOTH on the same software
  • NCA required documents included
  • Electronic document archiving and tracking
  • Document tracking, scanning and archiving
  • Barcode printing and scanning for improved efficiency
  • Integration with call center applications, PABX's and other telephony applications
  • 3rd Party Tracing gateway
  • Court and sheriff management
  • Email reports and matter documents in .pdf format
  • Fax, email, export or print from the software
  • SMS send, reply and delivery report via 3rd party sms gateway at low rates
  • And many more ....

The software has the following benefits:

  • is easy to install
  • software that applies all the court rules to your work process
  • software that applies all the debt collectors act rules to your work process
  • software that applies the National Credit Act to your work process
  • software that generates the required documents
  • monthly / annual rental rates that are on a sliding scale or an affordable purchase price

This adds up to solid software used by people who have built their company around the software. Software developers who are flexible enough to include any change you require at reasonable market related development rates. Training for the software, presented at your place of business. Custom data import / export tools for easy electronic data capture.

Your business’ most valuable asset is your data
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