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  Collection Process

We have put the collection process into a flow chart for the folks who want to know how the it works.

The LegalSoft Debt Collection Software works according to the process as set out in the applicable Acts in law without exception and generates completed Court accepted documents.
  Quick Overview:
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Collection Process


  Summons Process
Print the Summons documents and take them to the clerk of the Magistrate's Court and get a matter number and have the documents endorsed
Take the summons documents that have been endorsed by the clerk of the court to the local sheriff in the area where the defendant resides.
These documents can be posted to the sheriff.
The sheriff will serve the summons on the defendant or the defendant may have moved again
Summons was served and the Sheriff's Return of Service received
Summons not served need a new address

If for 5 days after the summons was served by the sheriff, the defendant had not lodged an intension to defend with the Clerk of the Court, application can be made for Default Judgment.
Defense Noted
When the defendant has lodged an intention to defend the summons with the Clerk of the Court it is usually through an attorney. You will probably have to appoint an attorney.
Default Judgment    


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