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  About the Software

The LegalSoft software package is used by Law Firms, Debt Collectors, Para-Legal's and In-House Debt Recovery and Credit Control Departments.

  Key Benefits
  • All the details for clients, defendants, sheriffs, attorneys, tracers and agents are entered once and then available by selection.
  • The current state of the matter data is displayed on one screen including the current statement with interest calculations up to the current date.
  • Data used for system generated reports, legal process documents and other correspondence documents is entered once and used where required.
  • Cost for processes are add automatically and costs for items such as postage, telephone call, etc. are add by selection
  Key Benefits cont ...
  • The processes that have been completed, e.g. Final Demand, Summons, etc. are listed to have a instant view of where the matter is in the legal process.
  • Document tracking is done by the system, e.g. which documents are a which court, sheriff, agent or tracer.
  • A powerful search engine is included in the package.
  • Tasks such as envelope addressing is system generated.
  • The software has a build-in 'accounting package'.(i.e. the payments, invoicing, interest calculations and account balancing is done by the system.)
  • The software is network enabled or can be used as stand alone package.
  • A single user can manage between 300 to 600 active matters.
  • The package includes an automatic database backup and verification system.


  More Benefits

It is our policy to share any new developments with all our client as part of the software's annual cost. Any new document or process that are not part of the software will be added free of charge and made available to all our clients.


More benefits for all clients


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